tl;dr we only take bookings for groups of 8 or more, so walk on in!

IMC Steak House is all about being relaxed, walking in and grabbing a table. The calling for a good steak can come at any time and the last thing anyone wants to hear is "Sorry Sir, we are all booked out tonight, come back another day" when failing to book a gazillion-billion years in advance. So the IMC solves this by only taking bookings for groups of 8 or more (so you can organise a party) and saving most of our tables for walk-in steak hungry guests. This way you might have to wait a little while for a table, but you will get a table eventually and WON'T get turned away by a smug maître d' demanding to know if you have a booking.

How long can I keep my table if I make a reservation?

If you make a reservation with arrival between 5pm & 6:30pm your table is reserved for 90 minutes total, after which your table could be required for an arrival later that night. So please keep in mind that a booking does not reserve a table all night long. Should you require a longer reservation please contact us ASAP or choose an arrival time from 8pm as you can keep the table until we close if your booked arrival time is 8pm or later.

You can make a booking online by using the button above or...

BOOK By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservation by calling (07) 4724 3243 between 3pm and 5pm.

We are a dinner only restaurant at the moment so we only answer our phones between 3pm and 5pm every day. Please feel free to call outside of these times and leave a message. During these times we can receive a lot of calls so please hang in there if we don't answer on the first ring or leave a message and we will get back to you by the next day! Usually it is best to try to make your booking at least one day in advance.

BOOK By Facebook

We use Facebook. A lot. As a matter of fact for the first two years of IMC Steak House we only had a Facebook page and no website because we wanted to keep things relaxed and stay in touch. Long story short; feel free to send us a booking request via a message on the IMC Facebook page. We will try to reply to your message within a day if not sooner.